Elise was fanatic for Figma, Alexander stood on a rock, Sean wore his turtleneck proud, John scootered his way to the Antrepeneur Center, but the other John made it there first.

We cooked. We shared double-cheesed pizza. We laughed and roasted each other’s ideas. Also, we wanted to name our team [expletive] WebReg, but we were more than just friends utilizing coding knowledge.

It was crazy to see what we were able to accomplish in less than 48 hours, how we each managed to individually break out of our shells.

And after it all, there was nothing more relieving than making it to the first pitch with all of us here. Without saying a word, we knew things were going to be okay. We knew that we bonded over something bigger than the hackathon — something just as timeless like the old WebReg.

But, this was never just about WebReg, it was also about a team who'd be insane enough to do something about it.

And well, that's us - Zotology. <3

we <3 recursion

a moment of peace between designer and dev

someone get this man a laptop stand

shoon says "hellos!" and reacts to your bereal with 👍🏼

a few hours in, and we look up to seeing this caffeinated man

"i hate this photo, why do you keep using it" - john

restarting the dev server every five minutes

wait, didn't he just finish an energy drink?!

it needs to look like this. now code it!

moonlight and moonshine (soda)

"We’re Zotology, and we set... We’re Zotology, and we set out to... We’re Zotology, and we set out to redefine WebRe.... We're Zotolo-"

moments before disaster